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Meet Bruce Johnson

My name is Bruce Johnson. I am President of  dREam MODELING, LLC.  I have owned or helped operate a remodel business for the past 20+ years. I received my Michigan Builders License in 1992.

Before that, I started my first business in 1982. Fresh out of high school and bored with college, My friend Mike and I started a part-time handyman company.We were astonishingly unsuccessful, but we remain friends to this day. It was called Handy Home Care Services.

We did a lot of things. Or at least tried to get work doing them, but mostly we washed a lot of windows. I am still amazed at the number of referrals we received  for washing windows. We made a bit of coin doing this, because no one really likes to wash windows.

We disbanded after a year or so. I went into restaurant management, which is really very similar to what I do now. Management is management, irrelevant of the business. Long hours, lots of stress, and lots of responsibility. This experience helped me understand the basic principles of running an operation.

And how not to do it, so it does not have to be so stressful.

Building trades, restaurants, large corporations,  a doctors office, all have one thing in common.


People are the reason I started the dREam MODELING  business. I help people get their REMODELING DREAMS (and the HONEY DO, too!)

During the years I have spent cutting studs, hanging doors, setting tile, and the  ilk,  I have learned a thing or two about the trades involved. Remodeling is a noble profession. There are many fine men and women making many people’s remodeling dreams come true. There are also a lot of poor business operators and more than a few outright liars and crooks.

I am positive that the remodel industry will not outsource it’s people’s jobs to another country.

The remodel world is not like you see on television. A well done project takes time, skill, and good management to make it come to fruition. There are many people in the background and foreground that make a project REALITY.  It is a partnership between people that want their DREAM, and the reMODELING that can make it happen. It is not done with cameras and movie stars, but people like you and I.


This business is not about money, it is not about wood or stone.

It is about People.

Without people, I do nothing, make nothing, or accomplish nothing.

I am only as good as the people I work with.

Our goal is to change the face of the remodel industry one HAPPY customer at a time.

Many people can do what I do. It is a matter of putting in your time and learning the trade, before you learn the tricks. I know my craft, and what it takes to get your dream to reality.

HOWEVER, The best trick I know is do the right thing.

Proven System. Quality Minded. Value. Delivered.

I may not be for everyone. I will not get every job I estimate. I may not be the cheapest guy.

I have pounded and shot a few nails in my days on the job site. Even shot myself a couple times. And let me tell you, the fingers are one of the worst places to find an errant gun nail.

That hurts!

Oh and, I prefer to call myself a remodeler, and not a contractor.

Your dream, Our remodel, I am the dREamMODELING guy...

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